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1,7000-1,8000 words. Original midterm paper is already 1,455 words. May need some tweaking to original paper in order to follow guidelines below… My paper is over institutionalized racism within our educational system. (attached below)

Option 1 (expanding on your midterm): The CJS and proposed or current race-related policy

• Begin your paper by introducing the issue (3 points)

• Describe the order or proposed order (e.g., building a wall). What is Mr. Trump’s rationale for proposing or signing the order? (3 points)

Provide relevant historical and contextual information about the topic. For example, if you are writing about banning immigration from certain countries, give a history of immigration policy banning certain groups from entering or remaining in the U.S., and the social, political, and economic circumstances under which these policies were created/imposed. (15 points)

• Discuss how this topic has been covered by the media- liberal and conservative. Provide a counter-argument to each argument. (10 points)

• How will this order impact the United States? Will it benefit the American people? Explain your answer. (5 points)

-You have incorporated a minimum of 4 scholarly journal articles that you have found through Galileo to support your argument(s) (4 points)

-Your writing is appropriate for an upper-division course (e.g., few grammatical mistakes) (5points)

-You have limited your use of quotes and used your own words; there are no more than three (3) direct quotes, which may be no longer than 2 sentences each. (5 points)

-You have properly cited (APA format) your -sources in the text of the paper (2 point