final assessment platform tutorial strategy and campaigns –

General Instructions:

This is a course final assessment and will reflect your own thoughts and content.

In this assessment, you are the social media marketing consultant. Be creative and carefully articulate/defend your proposed suggestions. Structure your paper with headings. It will help you create a flow. Be thorough and persuasive! Do not write for length alone. Write for ideas and substance. I’m looking for insights and connections. If you give me “filler” without thoroughly answering the question, you will lose points. If your response is shorter than my directions – you will obviously lose points.

Read the final assessment scenario carefully. Make sure you answer EVERY aspect of all three (3) sections. It is completely open book so, yes, I expect you to draw your supporting arguments for “why” you’ve chosen the path your taking from the marketing concepts in the textbook. You can use any other sources you wish as well (cite your sources). HOWEVER, it is NOT a group project. If I feel you copied work (Turnitin), you will receive “0” points for this exam.

Proofread your work – which should go without saying. If I can’t figure out what you’re trying to say, I’ll assume you don’t know either. Grammar matters. If you haven’t checked out Grammarly yet, you’re late to the party.

Final Assessment Scenarios:

1. Memphis Tigers Basketball (University of Memphis)

Sports have taken a back seat to the chaos and hardship of the current stay in place pandemic. It looks like we will be in this situation for at least the next couple of months. College athletics have ceased entirely (although recruiting is still in play). Students at the University of Memphis are learning online.

Generally speaking, even if the pandemic ends favorably, it is projected that face-to-face student teaching might not return to normalcy (like before the pandemic). Why? Students might feel more comfortable in an online setting.

But if all goes well, the University of Memphis might be able to play a basketball schedule in the Fall/Spring of 2020-2021. How can we strategically use social media now to deal with the return of basketball (or football for that matter) in the fall so the student body as well as the public at-large supports the program after such a chaotic health situation in Memphis, TN and the surrounding fan drawing area?

Keep in mind the following UM guidelines for student athletes’ use of social media if they are included in your strategy:


If a student works for the University of Memphis and is communicating personally on social media platforms concerning University related subjects, it is necessary to identify yourself as an employee and that the opinions expressed are your personal views and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Memphis. University protected marks should not be used on personal accounts. Additionally, as an employee, athletic-related posts must be handled with caution. Information posted directly by the Office of Athletics may be redistributed on official University social media platforms and on personal platforms. As employees, it is best to avoid commentary on athletic related topics other than game outcomes and general comments concerning attending or watching upcoming game and athletic activities. Per NCAA guidelines, employees and University accounts are prohibited from commenting or sharing any information on social media platforms regarding recruiting or the recruitment of specific student athletes. Inappropriate postings and comments on athletic events and activities, student athletes, coaches, or the possible recruitment of student athletes and coaches can have serious implications both for the employee(s) involved and for the University. Be mindful of NCAA sanctions and good sportsmanship conduct. For details or questions, contact the Athletic Department at (901) 676-5395.

Answer all aspects of the following questions using ALL of the content covered in this semester’s class, including all readings and your additional readings that might add insights.

1. Explain all of the “important” aspects of developing a Strategic Social Media Program to answer this question. Include at least 5 (FIVE) outcomes you expect to achieve from your program.

2. Pick any 3 tools/platforms (covered in the class: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, etc) you think you can use to enhance the future value of the basketball program to the “possibly online” student body and the fan public at-large. Remember to specify and describe a Strategic Purpose for each platform’s use. This is the What, Why and How referenced earlier this semester – and what they would hope to achieve (objectives). (examples/evidence for what you are reporting – that is what has happened. Then look for why it happened by tying back to your proposal info (target market, industry, etc.), then what you think they should do – what you expect to happen if you do, etc.)

3. Provide sample campaign content brief to describe your ideas for each tool. A content brief typically includes:

ï‚· an audience (think psychographics or behaviors and not so much demographics)

 a value message (what’s the overall message take away)

ï‚· a call to action (what you want users to do?)

ï‚· Content (what kind of content would propel the campaign and make it propagate/shared)