for each song please write a short discussion about the stylistic components and your personal reactions 3 –

For each song submit 1 typed page with the following information:

  • Please list the following:
    • Title
    • Name of band or artist
    • Name of song writer (if different than artist)
    • Year the song was written/performed
    • Genre
    • Instruments used
  • Please write a paragraph discussing things you hear that are common to the genre, andanything you might hear that is not normally part of the genre. Please be specific.
  • Please write a second paragraph discussing your personal response to the song.

(When discussing songs in the textbook, please talk about more than what is written in the “Listening Cue”.No points will be given if you copy from the book.)

(For example: How does the song make you feel? Do you like the song? Why or why not? Do you have any other personal thoughts about the song?)