for this assignment we have to make a soccer database using sql and ssdt pdf reports –

Part 1: Create a PDF Report using SSDT from these Stored Procedures:

  • Sproc 1: Team roster of player full names and ages, @team
  • Sproc 2: Team name and head coach name, @coach
  • Sproc 3: Player performance in a match, @player @match

Part 2: Create a set of views and sprocs answering the scenarios presented in the referenced PPT.

Soccer Assignment #3 Views, SPROCs.pptx

Your submission needs to contain the following:

1. PDF of each of the 3 reports

2. PDF of each of the query builder screen captures of the 3 reports

3. MDF/LDF files with the views and sprocs embedded. Views and sprocs must have same name as reference in PPT.

I will attach part 2 of this assignment aswell, just for a reference of the team names and players names etc.