global health 40 –


The purpose of this assignment is to explore many of the community health concepts covered during this semester and to compare community health efforts in various regions of the world to those efforts of the United States. In September, 2011, the United Nations held a summit on chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease. An article entitled, “New Global Killers: heart, lung disease and cancer” discussed the purpose of the summit and some of the initiatives around the world to combat these diseases. A copy of this article is (ATTACHED BELOW) What makes this article so interesting is that the global disease killers has shifted from communicable diseases to chronic diseases that are often times brought on by poor lifestyle. Now this is happening all around the world, not just in developed countries like the United States.

You will be assigned a region of the world as well as a group of chronic diseases to investigate and compare with the United States. You will need to pick one country (ICELAND) within your assigned region and one disease category; then prepare a written paper. Information to be prepared is listed in general terms within each section below. Additional information may be available and should be included.

Your paper should be a minimum of 3-4 pages, plus a reference page. Complete content, correct spelling and grammar as well as overall professional writing is expected and will be graded.

1. Country Background. (ICELAND)

General information about the region/countries and major types of the disease & health issues.

Include the four categories of factors (physical, social & cultural, community organizing, individual behaviors) for the country you choose. (The factors are found in chapter 1)

2. Disease assigned. (You may narrow your disease category: i.e. Lung cancer instead of general cancer.)

This section can be brief, but should include some background about the disease, prevalence and age groups most affected (including demographics/income/disparities…), also contributing factors – genetic/inherited, environmental, lifestyle risks. You will need to find this information from reputable and credible online sources like the CDC, National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association… (This is not a comprehensive list.)

3. Country from the assigned region.

The next step is to investigate the country you have chosen. The following link to country profiles may be very helpful:…

You should find information about prevention and treatment efforts (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary intervention levels). The source of these efforts should be identified also. Is it happening with private companies or is it from government/public health efforts? Sometimes a Google search will help you find some of this information.

Discuss what you can find about the health care systems for your country also. Is the focus on prevention or treatment? Is community health training/development/education available? Are the health care systems state run, privately funded, or a combination? What is the level of development or sophistication of the system (may include number of practitioners/clinics available). For example, there are some countries in the Middle East and South America that only have 3-5 oncologists in the whole country available to treat cancer patients!

4. United States

Finally, research the same information as in #3 for the United States. Once you have written a brief summary of this information for the U.S., write a short comparison between your chosen country and the U.S. Does one country have better health care systems than another? What is the difference between the countries for patients getting diagnosed and/or treated for the disease? Are there prevention programs available?

5. References

At least 3 references should be included. You may include correctly cited references from the resources provided below, but you will earn more points for finding additional references that are NOT listed here. APA is required.