health policy issue 2 –

write minimum 1300 words based on the instructions below – USE STATE OF ILLINOIS!

No plagiarism allowed!

add in text citations and references too (minimum 5 sources)


develop a position paper on a health-policy issue that is likely to affect the State of Illinois over the next 2 years.

Students will:

• Identify a healthcare policy issue of their interest,

• Provide background on the issue that illustrate its importance to the state,

• Identify major positions on the issue that are reflective of the positions of different Interest Groups,

• Highlight steps that should be taken to address Interest Groups concerns,

• Examine repercussions and implications for different population groups

• Identify political resources available for policymakers to implement this policy,

• Analyze and explain steps that should be taken for policy implementation.

• The length of the paper is 6 pages, double spaced, including title page and reference page. Only one paper per team is required.

Final papers will be graded based upon the following criteria:


• Professionalism (grammar, spelling, appearance, clearly and concisely written for a non-technical audience)

• Importance of the policy to the state of Illinois & how well you portray it.

• Thoroughness of your research and analysis (AT LEAST 5 sources, not including the class text)

• Is paper well organized and logical?