help me to answer some homework questions –

  1. Briefly describe the main sources of finance for a new venture.
  2. Determine how much capital would be required to start your venture and the most likely source of this capital.
  3. Describe how you might use a crowdsourcing site (such as kickstarter) as part of your financing approach. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this financing method.
  4. Write a brief pitch for your idea and note what pictures would enhance your message. Provide examples of rewards you might offer backers.
  5. According to Dutta and Folta (2016) what is the difference between venture capitalists and angel investors on firm innovation rates and innovation impacts? How do they explain these results?
  6. Prepare a summary three year profit and loss account and balance sheet for your enterprise (this should be embedded into your Word document as a table or a picture).
  7. List the key assumptions you have made in your plan and link to at least one external source of information to justify your assumption.
  8. Briefly describe the four possible methods of business valuation, and use one of these methods to value your business at the end of year 3

All the work must be original

Turnitin report is required