how is it possible for a 21st century teenager to relate to hamlet the prince of denmark –

Prompt: Just as Hamlet has few friends he can trust, so too do many teenagers…etc. Write an essay where you answer the driving question: How is it possible for a 21st Century teenager to relate to Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark?

Write an expository multi-paragraph essay, using text evidence to support your claims. Be sure to use parenthetical documentation for your evidence. Showcase your best writing: MLA, quote integration, transitions, exemplary grammar + punctuation. Present a professional document.

Brainstorm ideas. For example, the seriousness of suicide or depression or fear; fake friends, issues with parents, procrastination, doubt, etc. The ideas are endless….

Make sure you have a strong thesis where you include the author and title of play.
Suggested way to go about organization:

Claims should present the idea from the play you can relate to..for example
Claim- Hamlet’s tendency to over- analyze causes him to ………(finish thought)
Evidence- Find quote illustrating this idea
Analyze the evidence + Connect to how you relate to the propensity to over-analyze, etc (you can use “I”)