how to answer two questions on cyber security –

CYBS-2201, Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Professor: Azhar Ishaque


Project 9.1 How does the Microsoft firewall works?

Using Microsoft documentation, the Web, and other resources, find out what methodologies the Microsoft Windows (whichever version you are using) firewall uses. Write a brief one page essay explaining the strengths and weaknesses of that approach. Also, list situations in which you feel that approach is adequate and those in which it might be inadequate.

Project: How does Antivirus works?

Research about the antivirus that you are using on your device. List AV‘s pros and cons and are some recommendation you have for others.

Remember to provide a list of online resources used for homework #4.


Easttom, Chuck. Computer Security Fundamentals (4thed.). Pearson Publishing.

250 words for each