hr management 41 –

the papers topic is diversity in the workplace, must be knowledgeable in the subject attached are the requirements for the paper:

The following items should be included in your Final Paper:

1. Cover page with project description, your name, date, class name, and professor’s name.

2. Table of contents which outlines the research paper’s contents.

3. Abstract not required for short paper!

4. Written content – five pages in length not including cover page or reference page.

5. References and document must be in APA format (You need to have a minimum of 5 Sources referenced and cited)

6. Use of 12-point Ariel, Courier, or Times New Roman font

7. Use double line spacing throughout your document to include your reference page.

8. Inclusion of the areas of analysis discussed in the next section.

Description for Human Resources Research Paper:

1. Select a concise, narrow, and well-defined topic that can be covered in five pages but not more than 10 pages , not counting the Title page, table of content, and reference page.

2. You must use the topic submitted for your proposal, but the topic must be narrow and concise enough to cover in five pages.

3. Your research paper must be divided into logical headings and the layout should adhere to the following suggestions:

a. Title Page – case name, course name, your name, date, and professor’s name.

b. Introduction and/or background (use one and/or both in separate headings).

c. Current situation, statement of problem, issues addressed (use one and/or both in separate headings).

d. Analysis of issues, addressing the problems, answering the questions (use one and/or both in separate headings).

e. Conclusions and/or recommendations (use one and/or both in separate headings).

f. Reference(s) heading

g. APA format used throughout complete document.

4. Your research paper must make a sound conclusion and/or recommendation based on your research findings about the topic. Make sure your conclusions or recommendations present something unique or profound in nature and are not a rehash of information in the textbook.

5. Your research paper must include significant reference to Saint Leo’s core value of respect, which is defined as: “Animated in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we value all individuals’ unique talents, respect their dignity, and strive to foster their commitment to excellence in our work. Our community’s strength depends on the unity and diversity of our people, on the free exchange of ideas, and on learning, living, and working harmoniously.

An Example Paper has been posted and shared with you under the Doc Sharing Tab found under the Content Tab listing of the course home page. Follow its formatting and you cannot go wrong. Also, please note, a turn-it-in score that is above 21 % will not be accepted and could be grounds for consideration of plagiarism. Please refer to SLU Academic Honor Code Violation to understand the different types of violations and terminology.