human disease and drugs 2 –

Bryant & Stratton College

HCAS143 006 Human Disease and Drug Pharmacology

Culminating Case Study

Outcome(s) Assessed:

  • Course Outcomes
    • Explain the fundamental concepts and processes of diseases and/or conditions.
    • Relate the causes and mechanisms of disease with the associated diagnosis, treatments, and medications typically prescribed.
  • Institutional Outcome
    • Quantitative & Scientific Reasoning – Follow established methods of inquiry and mathematical reasoning to form conclusions and make decisions.

Relevant Background Information:

This assessment will examine the student’s ability to identify signs, symptoms, lab/diagnostic testing, and medication use as it pertains to a specific disease/condition. In addition, the student will identify possible complications of the stated disease/condition as well as treatment options for the presenting patient. The knowledge and skills assessed will examine the student’s ability to identify disease specific information from a patient presentation.

Assessment Purpose:

To assess the student’s ability to identify specific signs, symptoms, and lab/diagnostic results associated with various disease/conditions.

Assessment Directions:

For this assessment, you will review one case study and complete four short answer questions based on the information provided. Provide your answers in a well-developed paragraph of 100 – 200 words for each question. Type your responses into a Word document with your name, date, and the title of this assessment at the top of the page. Total word count for this assessment should not exceed 800 words.