human resources project 3 –

Minimum 5 pages

Discuss and detail the best methods for motivating workers. What tools are used to effectively motivate workers? Since monetary means are not always available, what other methods work well for motivating workers? Can you think of any methods the book did not address? What creative ways are companies using to increase moral of workers? please refer to some specific terms such as : What are some of the largest training expenditures? What are the steps of the training cycle? What is involved when conducting a needs assessment? What can exit interviews reveal about training or job performance? What are key steps in developing a training program? and OJT training. (here are just some examples, please choose what you need in the essay, and provide more related subjects.)

more requirements:

o Detailed presentation of topic

o Real world examples were used

o Reflects current events with regard to training, evaluation and motivation of workers.

o Project was based on currently available strategies.

o All outside material is documented