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Hey guys, so I know this is completely random but I have so much to do for school, and I have to create a career portfolio for one of my finals. Please help me! The requirements for the assignment are below. I will submit all my info to you once you take on the assignment. I need this to be well done. PLease help me!

My intentions with the project are for you to have all of your career materials in one place and to be professionally prepared for an interview. If you attend a face-to-face interview you should be able to print all of these materials and take them with you in a professional-looking binder. If you complete online applications or network with companies online you can simply provide them with the link to your electronic portfolio. These portfolios should be a culmination of all we have completed in the class and BEYOND!

The first document I have attached below is the grading rubric for your final career portfolios. I will using this exact rubric to score your portfolios so look at it in advance, but also look at it as you are finalizing your portfolios. Have you met and/or exceeded the expectations provided for each component of the final career portfolio assignment?

For those who are new to creating career portfolios I am attaching a document that further outlines the contents and why we use portfolios. A major component of the career portfolios for this class is CrEaTiViTy! So I am allowing you to use any electronic career portfolio resources you choose to create your portfolios. Here are a couple I have seen students use in the past, but are welcome to use whatever resource you find valuable (I believe Wix is the most user-friendly, but you do not have to purchase upgrades just be creative with where you upload what documents):


http://www.wix.com/lpviral/enviral?adsVersion=blue&orig_msid=e93d72a2-f4d9-4f1a-907c-6d4e3797603e&utm_campaign=vir_wixad_live (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

or Portfoliogen

https://www.portfoliogen.com/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I MUST be able to access your portfolio (link working, etc.) to be eligible for credit. This is your final (in lieu of an exam) so I cannot accept late work or resubmissions before final grades are due. Please check your link before you hit submit!

Rubric Final Career Portfolios 320.pdf

Portfolio chapter.pdf