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Make sure you review Guidelines for Essay #4 carefully before submitting your introduction/outline. In order to receive 10 points, your outline must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Your document must be properly MLA formatted and should include a word count as the 5th line in the heading. (Only include the main text of your paper in this word count (do not include the heading or title in this number.).
  2. Your document must include a working title that is original and accurately descriptive.
  3. Your document must include an introduction paragraph which begins with a general hook about your selected topic, provides some background information about the topic, and then ends with an argumentative thesis about your topic.
  4. Your document must include a thesis statement that makes a clear and specific argument about your topic. You might consider making an argument that indicates whether you think technology has had mostly positive impacts or mostly negative impacts on the area/field you chose. This thesis should be last sentence of your introduction, and it should be highlighted yellow.
  5. Your document must include 3-5 bullet points which indicate the reason or claim relating back to your thesis that you will discuss. Ideally, you can craft a topic sentence for each of these bullet points. Remember that you are going to have to acknowledge the counterargument and refute it. So you may consider having your first body paragraph cover this. Remember to use bold to indicate which paragraph or section of your paper will be the acknowledgement of the counterargument.

You will receive feedback from me by next Tuesday (5/5), or sooner, via an Assignment Comment in Canvas. I encourage you to use my office hours next week to discuss your outline further.