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It is an essay based on two readings, one is a news story and the other one is an academic source, and you have to read both. The news is story is about an event involving Islamic tradition in India. and then the essay will be how does this academic source sheds light on/helps to better under stand that news story.

The essay should include the following five elements, but you will only write the first two elements:

1- Introduction concluding with a thesis statement wherein you claim what it is that one learns about the event from your the academic source. (150 Words or / half a page )

2- Brief summary of the news story/event being analyzed(300-400 words or about a page)

3- ————

4- ————

5- ————

Please make sure to write a strong thesis statement. If you want me to send you the three rest points just to make sure you are doing well in writing the first two point, ask me. Don’t forget to cite to work.


1- The academic source is the pdf file.

2- the news story: