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Use the instructions in the attachment file to do it.

1. Through Canvas, I have posted an exercise by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) entitled “Using CRISPR to Identify the Function of Butterfly Genes”

2. The handout gives you access to the HHMI CRISPR-CAS Introductory page which has a good overview of how CRISPR works. Download the handout and the butterfly key that is also posted.

3. Complete the handout by answering the questions and filling in the blue areas and resubmitting them in the Canvas dropbox provided that will open on April 22. If your computer has issues with using the form and blue boxes, type your responses on a separate paper, just make sure it is clear which sections you are answering.

**You can answer the questions in the PDF or you can write in in word document but make sure you label the the answer for which question.