identify a major goal in your life –

I’m majoring accounting, whatever you think you can say as my goal but please say something related to my major

Identify a major goal in your life, and complete the questions below. This goal can be either personal or professional.


  1. What is your goal?
  1. Is your goal Specific? Explain how your goal is Specific. If not, revise your goal to be Specific, and explain.
  1. How will you Measure your progress toward your goal? How will you determine that the goal has been completed? How will you measure the effectiveness of your goal completion?
  1. Is your goal Achievable, and why? What are the major obstacles you face in Achieving your goal? How do you plan to overcome these obstacles?
  1. Describe why this goal is Relevant to you.
  1. What is a realistic Time-frame to expect the goal to be completed? What intermediary goals/ metrics do you recommend? State 3 specific Actions you will take, including timelines, to attain your goal.
  1. How will you hold yourself accountable for achieving this goal?