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five responses, each requires 200 words at least. below are the questions. And i will attach all the other information you needed in the file.

Section 1: Introduction

The goal of this assignment is for you to take a moment to think about what you’ve learned as part of participating in the Information Technology and Informatics class and present examples of your work as evidence of that learning. For this section of the portfolio, please reflect on what your initial understanding of the role of information technology in contemporary society was back before you began the work of the class and try to think through how your exposure to the class materials, assignments, and discussions changed this initial understanding. Describe the nature of this change in a short answer of about 200-250 words on the main page.

Section 2: Annotated Bibliography Reflection

A traditional academic paper like an annotated bibliography provides opportunities to describe prior research and writing on a topic. Throughout the course different authors have described how new information technologies provide enormous opportunities both for people to interact with events and information first hand, and for people to have their knowledge distorted by disinformation and misinformation. For this reflection of about 200 words, please discuss how you see these opportunities influencing your own information behavior and what steps you can take to diminish some of the negative effects of our current information climate.

Section 3: App Analysis Reflection

Review your original initial posting and consider how your discussion of the success or failure of your assigned app could be expanded given the additional readings and discussions you’ve participated in throughout the semester. Write a brief statement of about 200-250 words of one possible reading that could be used to further your explanation of how the app’s designers’ choices supported the users’ goals or failed to support them. A formal citation here is not necessary, but please be clear as to which course reading you’re referencing in your statement.

As the App Analysis initial posting was done in a Canvas discussion forum which cannot be directly linked to through Google Sites, please copy your write-up into a Word document, re-insert your screen shots in the appropriate locations, save as a .pdf file, and then link that file to this section. Creating a Google Doc file with the same information and linking to that instead is also acceptable.

Section 4: Algorithms Around Us Reflection

Providing information through the medium of a web page is, again, a different form of presentation that supports some kinds of use better than others. For this 200-250 word reflection, please consider our recent discussion of theoretical perspectives on understanding the intersection of technology and society (the material in Weeks 12 & 13 on technological determinism, SCOT theory, Actor-Network theory, etc.). If you were attempting to explain the recent surge in the application of tools like AI and machine learning to different societal challenges, which of the perspectives discussed do you think does a more successful job at explaining this pattern? Why do you find the perspective you’ve chosen to be useful in understanding this phenomenon?

Section 5: What Would You Like to Learn More About?

For the final reflection, please write about 200-250 words discussing a topic related to the course materials (this could be the Arango, Brynjolfsson and MacAfee, or O’Neil books, or other materials you were asked to read for the course) that you are curious about that you would have liked to learn more about during the semester. In writing up this section, you will need to provide at least one academic or professional source on the topic of your choosing as an example. If you need help identifying what’s an academic or professional source, review the Rutgers Libraries’ discussion (Links to an external site.) here. Please include a full APA citation for that source at the end of this section’s reflection statement.