infographic 13 –

You will make this infographic in Picktochart, which can be accessed at In the infographic, you will focus on the argument from the research paper on how the author of the literary work comments on a specific historical event, movement, or issue from the time period in which the work was written, but the infographic will focus on presenting this information visually. You need to have three points of information from your research. You need to have a visual accompanying each piece of research. You need to have one direct quote from the work of literature. Your infographic must have at least two colors. The focus of this infographic is to present your information visually in a logical and engaging way. It should have a title at the beginning and a works cited at the end. I suggest that you do not use one of the themes in Piktochart or if you do that you heavily alter it because one of the things I am looking at in my grading is how you organize the information, and I want you to create your own organization. All visuals used need to be copyright free, and you need to have citations for all the sources you got information for this infographic in the works cited at the bottom of the infographic.