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“Oliver Twisted”

JS144 Short Essay

Fagin, an old-time crook, makes his living recruiting young men and women and teaching them to be thieves. He tells three of his recent graduates to hire on at a carnival where they can practice their newly acquired skills.

The Artful Dodger, employed as a part of the clean up crew, befriends a woman with five children. The woman’s children want to ride the Ferris wheel, the merry-go-round and several other carnival rides, but the woman complains about standing in the long ticket line with her children. Artful assures her that if she gives him the money, he will purchase the tickets for her. He tells her that because he is an employee, he can go to the front of the line. The woman gives Artful $50. Artful has no intention of buying the tickets and takes the money back to Fagan who takes $20 and gives the rest to the Artful Dodger.

Nancy is employed at a booth selling ride tickets. Nancy works all day where she sells an entire roll of tickets (approximately 1,000 ride tickets at $2 a piece). Before her shift started, she received another identical roll of tickets from Fagan. At the end of the day, she indicated on her shift log that she only sold 500 tickets and subsequently turned in $1,000 and 500 of the phony unsold tickets. Nancy pocketed the remaining $1,000 of proceeds from tickets sale that she did not log and promptly brought it back to Fagan who took $500 and allowed Nancy to keep the rest.

Oliver never did obtain employment at the carnival. However, he received a roll of raffle tickets from Fagan and went around the carnival selling them, offering a grand prize trip for two to Hawaii for the raffle winner. Oliver carried a picture of a beautiful Hawaiian resort he cut out of a magazine as evidence of the grand prize. He sold 50 raffle tickets at $5 a piece. Oliver cleared $250 on the scam. Oliver he did not want to share any of the money with Fagan and skipped town in search of another carnival.

You are the prosecutor. If caught, what crimes, if any, could you charge Fagin, Artful Dodger, Nancy and Oliver with? Be sure to provide specific reasons when charging each individual for a particular crime. You answer should NOT exceed 300 words, 12-point font and in APA format.