macroeconomics events paper from different news and commentary on each 1 –

1) Copies of 5-6 separate current event articles gathered from well-regarded, relatively objective professional news sources found on-line or in hard copy. Several that come to mind are: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Economist, CNN, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune. The articles you choose must be about major Macroeconomic issues. So choose your articles carefully, not frivolously. This will be particularly helpful for the second part below.

2) Typed commentary on each of the articles that must contain: 1) a brief summary of the issue covered in the article; 2) a brief explanation identifying why the issue is Macroeconomic; and 3) identification of specific issues in our course that are raised, or are related to the article with a written explanation supporting the connections you make. It is this third part that I will look at with greatest interest, so think carefully.

3) Regarding the format, the following should be observed: 1) Include the articles in the submission as an appendix to your commentary; 2) number the articles in the appendix and refer to the number in your commentary; 3) there is no specific length for each commentary, but it should demonstrate thoughtfulness in, and thoroughness of coverage; 4) your submission must be bound together such that there are no loose pages (staple it; avoid paperclips); 5) it must be typewritten, spell-checked and neatly presented;