marketing and management 1 –

In the Draft Report, the red words part I marked need to add or modified.

Be more spectific, there are 3 sections:

For the section 1, Summary part needs to be added; some information in the Potential competitors part need to be added; in the New Market Selection and analysis part, it need to be rewirted because we changed the target market from US market to Africa Market. For New Market Selection and analysis, it should have PESTEL Analysis. Also, the pervious one we did also attached here.

For the section 2, Summary part needs to be added; we need some more text contents in the Promotional Materials part.

For the section 3, Summary part needs to be added.

The reference page is in the end of the report, if there are any other references need to be added, plz add there.

Also, I uploaded one sample report which may help you to do the work.

If there are any questions, Plz let me know! Thx