message strategy analysis paper for management course 301 effective business communication –

Message Strategy Analysis Paper

Find a real-world example of a positive, negative, or persuasive message. Items to consider: to find an artifact to analyze, look at professional correspondence you have received, formal email messages you have received, customer communications, flyers, pamphlets, enclosures in your monthly bills, messages coming from UMKC administrators, video clips etc. Do not use any of the examples we have analyzed in class; find something new.

    • First describe the models we learned in class for approaching that type of message (positive, negative, or persuasive). Explain which pattern should be used. Explain which language strategies or techniques are important. (A good source for this section is the text book, powerpoints, or your packets). About 2 paragraphs.
    • Then apply the class message strategies to your artifact. Describe where you see the strategy being used, specifically. How does the strategy help the author with the audience, situation, and purposes they have in this particular case? Describe any places the author fails to use the correct strategy and explain how that impacts the effectiveness of the message. About 2-3 paragraphs.
    • What might you have done differently or done to further the message? About 1 paragraph.