microsoft access using sql –

Perform the following tasks: 1. Find all clients whose client type is RET. Display all fields in the query result. Save the query as AYK Step 1 Query.

2. Find all clients whose amount paid or current due is $0.00. Display the Client Number, Client Name, Amount Paid, and Current Due fields in the query result. Save the query as AYK Step 2 Query.

3. Find all clients in the Client table who are not located in Carlton. Display the Client Number, Client Name, and City in the query results. Save the query as AYK Step 3 Query.

4. Display the Client Number, Client Name, Advisor Number, First Name, and Last Name for all clients. Sort the records in ascending order by advisor number and client number. Save the query as AYK Step 4 Query.

5. Display the Advisor Number, First Name, Last Name, and Other Skills for all advisors who are CFA certified. Save the query as AYK Step 5 Query.

6. If requested to do so by your instructor, rename the AYK Step 5 Query as Last Name Query where Last Name is your last name.

7. Submit the revised database in the format specified by your instructor. 8.

Extend Your Knowledge

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Creating Queries to Find Specific Criteria

Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files. Please contact your instructor for information about accessing the Data Files.

Start Access and then open the Support_AC_Healthy Pets database. (If you do not have the database, see your instructor for a copy of the modified database.)

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What WHERE clause would you use if you wanted to find all clients located in cities beginning with the letter K?