musi d051 discussion –

Watch these excellent films, choose your favorite and write a review. (500 words minimum). Please follow the guidelines below and contact me with any questions. Spelling and grammar count so please proof read!

For extra credit review two or more films.

Step 1: Give details of the documentary or film
• Title
• Intended audience

Step 2: Explain the purpose of the documentary or film
• What is the purpose of the documentary?
• How does it relate to the course?

Step 3: State your prior knowledge of the subject
• Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the film?
• What did you expect to see?
• What questions did you have about the subject?

Step 4: Summarize the film
• Who/What is the subject of the film or documentary?
• What is the it about? What are the main events (if any)?
• Where was it filmed?

Step 5: Give personal comments and recommendation
• Which part of the film do you like most?
• What have you learned from it?
• Was there anything that surprised you?
• What are the drawbacks of the film?
• Would you recommend it?