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Discussion 1:

Mobile Technology and E-commerce

E-commerce refers to the selling of goods and services using the internet platform (Laudon & Traver, 2016). It also includes any form of transaction that is done online, such as the transfer of money and information. Businesses are today adopting electronic sales to increase their market share. E-commerce enables the sale of physical products online, locally, regionally, or overseas. Mobile technology, on the other hand, refers to any device that uses internet connection to enable communication. The devices include devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more. The devices are essential in online sales as they provide a platform where online transactions take place. Mobile technology is, therefore, crucial in increasing the sales of products electronically.

The world technology is changing at a faster rate bringing new ways of communication (Laudon & Traver, 2016). That has resulted in new ways of conducting business globally. Smartphones and other internet accessories are indispensable items among people. People use these items in their daily activi9ties to help solve most of their issues electronically. People are now able to select and purchase a product online and make payments electronically. That has increased market share for many businesses as it covers a large market.

Focusing on e-commerce may be beneficial in increasing the sales of a company. However, it can also negatively impact the company. Therefore, it is essential to design your e-commerce strategy to make it more efficient and reliable for customers. One way of doing it is by displaying icons on the site that show the business is trustworthy (Madden, Banerjee, Rappoport & Suenaga, 2017). Customers will not love to purchase their products from a business that has a sketchy and untrustworthy site. They will lose trust with the company and shift to others. Therefore, as a company, you should ensure that your e-commerce site exhibit icons that can be trusted by customers. It is also important to use photos and video demonstrations to help attract the attention of many customers. The business should also ensure that its e-commerce site optimizes mobile devices since most customers use a mobile phone to buy goods and services online (Madden, Banerjee, Rappoport & Suenaga, 2017). Finally, ensure that the sites are secure from any cybercrime.


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Discussion 2:

E-Commerce and Mobile Technology.

Nowadays due to globalisation there many improving things and many beneficial thing for the companies basically which are small scale companies. Nowadays due to modernisation, there is lot of competition for small scale industries or small scale companies like Kmart and many more companies like this and therefore with the help of e-commerce they can improve and increase their sales precisely and make their company profitable again in the market. With the help of e-commerce the shops can give all the important information on the Internet which can I track many people towards your shop and Thus, this can increase the sale and demand of the shop in the market (Shawn, 2013).

Whenever the shop uses E-Commerce on mobile technology they can easily make varieties of advertisement which can easily attract many people towards the shops and this can be very beneficial factor for them as because of attracting many people towards the shop they can surely increase their sales in the market and this can be very beneficial factor for them, as because of increasing sales definitely their profit will increase and this can be very beneficial factor as because of profit the company will be successful in the market and this can be only possible with the help of e-commerce and search the shops like Kmart should use E-Commerce and mobile technology on a regular basis and post different type of advertisement which attract many people and make them to come to the shop and purchase many things from the shop which can increase the sales and demand of the company in the market. Hence, in this way shops can use electronic media for E-Commerce or mobile technology positively, so that this can increase their sales and demand in the market and give them higher return in the way of profit (Monica, 2019).


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