personal learning journal 2000wds –

All writing must be in typed, 12 font size, double spaced. Margins should be 2cm all sides; This report, as all your work, MUST show evidence of your understanding of the relevant concepts, literature and theoretical frameworks, and be referenced correctly, using the Harvard or APA (6th edition) style; Try and stay away from direct quotes, discussion is easier to read and comprehend if the theory is incorporated rather than just ‘plonked in’ via quotes.

Reflection is the individual equivalent of review and evaluation and is an essential component of the learning process. The subject has a considerable applied component which requires students to trial and practice theories, ideas and tools learned in class and on-line. This assessment takes this one step further.

Students are required to select one topic and reflect on how this topic impacted their life, career, studies and personal or professional relationships. The assignment should discuss personal learning experiences based on topics. They should not include what was discussed in class, but how these topics relate to previous learning, such as work or childhood experiences. The topics that students may choose from include:

1. Flow

2. Engagement

3. Bias and stereotypes

4. One of the four components of HERO – Hope, Self-efficacy, Resilience or Optimism

The learning journal should consist of the following sections:

1. Your Learning experience (1000 words)

2. Vision for the future (500 words)

3. Action Plan (500 words) Table and/or SMART goals that specify your action plan for the next 12 months to move towards your vision.