personal reflection journal prompt 7 –

1. Read this instruction to the end.

2. In case you haven’t yet, please watch this TED talk first:

3. Please read the preliminary information about the project implicit by following this link:…

You don’t have to register, instead you just choose “take a test”, and then “I wish to proceed”.

4. Then take three tests of your choice (e.g. Race IAT, Gender-Science IAT, etc.)

When you have finished three tests, reflect upon your experience by answering the following questions in an essay about 500 words. You should submit your essay in the personal reflection journal #7 folder on d2l by Thursday April 23, 11:59 pm.

A) Which tests did you choose?

B) Before taking the tests, what were your expectations regarding the results?

C) What did you learn about yourself and your perception of others