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Alright, regardless of the position that e-commerce is really just commerce now, you look and interact with online business sites all the time. You’re company may even have an e-commerce presence. Now that you’ve studied up on e-commerce and online businesses let’s take an analytical look at how these sites stack up against theory and best practices. This assignment will require some additional research, which will hopefully expand on what you’ve learned from the text and course materials (yeah, I’m sneaky that way).

Pick an e-commerce site and analyze it using the concepts and frameworks you’ve learned about in this unit. Analyze as in use the things you’ve learned in the course and the models from this unit to evaluate the site. Feel free to pick one you don’t like, that might even be more fun. Create a posting with your analysis.

As a minimum (85%), your posting should include:

The name of the company, it’s online presence URL, and which commerce form that the site operates in (B2B, B2C, C2C).

Establish the company as either a pure-play online or as a mixed physical/online enterprise. Research the justification or push for the company to go online.

Describe the business model(s)/monetization strategy employed by the site. How do they make money? Use the models from your text and the notes. B2B or B2C does not sufficiently address this issue.

Describe the governance structure of the site and why this structure was chosen / how the organization benefits from this structure. For pure-play companies, do they participate in any of these models with other companies. Again, B2B or B2C does not sufficiently (or even remotely correctly) address this issue.

Evaluate the site in terms of the principles of good business practice for an e-comerce site (see slide deck).

Citations for resources used in your answer (Citations should be in APA format)