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A)Explain any four elements which validate that contract .(450 words)

Choose only 4 from this:

1) parties must have legal capacity to enter contracts

2) one party must make a binding offer to the other, and the offer must be accepted by the other party

3) consideration

4) Agreement must be genuine

5) in some cases, the contract must be made in a particular form

6) the object of the contract must not be disapproved by the law

B)Discuss four ways in which that contract may be terminated . (450 words)


Express agreement


Doctrine of frustration

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Only after you have carried out everything you promised to do in the contract, exactly in the way you agreed to do it, your contractual obligations will be discharged (performance)

Parties may agree that the contract should end automaticaly if some event occurs or after a fixed period of time (express agreement)

A party has made it clear that he will not carry out the contract (anticipatory breach), or

The party has not performed his obligations properly (Breach)