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your portfolio:

Introduction (1-2 pages, 30 points):

  • Describe which essays you are including and why you chose these as examples of your best writing.
  • Describe which learning outcomes are demonstrated in your writing samples:
    1. Identify the purpose and significance of articles
    2. Write outlines, drafts, and revisions
    3. Compose essays that have correct grammar
    4. Pose substantive questions
    5. Identify reliable sources
    6. Evaluate sources for timeliness and bias
    7. Use MLA in-text citations and Works Cited pages
    8. Describe how writing contributes to a life of significance and worth
  • Describe how writing has helped you to understand what a life of significance and worth might be.

Essays (10 points):

  • Copy and paste two of your favorite essays here. Make sure they are marked appropriately. (Or upload the separate essays here.)

Appendix (10 points):

  • Copy and paste at least four writing samples, which show your writing process for the two essays (two for each essay).
  • Or upload two outlines and two Tutor.com Reviewed Documents here.

** Please note that if you don’t complete the portfolio, then the entire assignment will not receive a passing score. Make sure you include all elements (intro, two essays, two outlines, two tutor.com documents, etc.) to pass.

In the attached are all the documents you need.