pricing strategy and certification problem about captivoice –

There are some questions (1 question is about Pricing strategy, other 2 questions relate to Certification):

1. Develop the pricing strategy that will result in the highest profits in the proposed market, including the optimal price point, as well as the way the price should be charged (subscription, bulk pricing, retention bonus, repeat customer discounts, financing, etc.).

2. Does ReadReady need to be certified to be sold in the proposed market? If yes, how could such certification be obtained?

3. Are there any other legal requirements or cultural necessities with respect to the product packaging, labeling, branding, etc.?

In the doc I upload here, the red words are written by me.

In the PDF, the specific requirements is in page 10.

When u do these questions, you can try to use some data or some pictures.

There are three sample reports which are kind of my final report I will upload here. You can look at some parts which are related to these questions and writting format.

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