primary care provider application organizational development and change 1 –

Access the “Allied Health Community.” Read the Primary Care Provider scenario for this course and complete the following assignment.

Your group is responsible for ensuring that the acquisition of the Primary Care Provider Clinic is successful. Changes must be initiated that enhance employee productivity and support the clinic in showing a positive financial gain. As part of your responsibilities, you are charged with coming up with a plan of action to initiate change, help employees transition, and ensure that the effects of the change become long lasting.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 14-18 slides including speaker notes, an introduction slide, and a reference slide to illustrate your plan of action.

  1. What is the difference between organizational development and change management?
  2. What would your plans and steps for intervention include?
  3. How would your intervention force the development of the organization (e.g., strategic plans, staff, cultural organization)?
  4. What are the critical components in the change process?
  5. Include detailed steps for planning, change implementation, employee interventions (introducing and preparing them for change), and handling resistance to change.
  6. Use Lewin’s change model to develop a plan to successfully maintain and enhance staff productivity.

Include two scholarly sources (one must be related to Lewin’s change model)