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Need help on the following discussion questions….12 questions….. 50-75 words each…..How do Bandura’s and Rotter’s views on cognitive factors differ from Skinner’s views?How is modeling used to change behavior? Give an example.How do people high in self-efficacy differ from people low in self-efficacy?Distinguish between self-efficacy and locus of control in terms of their effects on behavior.What factors impeded the acceptance of Gestalt psychology in the United States?On what grounds has Gestalt psychology been criticized?On what grounds did Gestalt psychologists criticize behaviorism?In what ways did Gestalt psychology affect psychology as a whole?Discuss three ways in which cognitive psychology differs from behaviorism.Describe cognitive neuroscience and the techniques used to map the brain.How does cognitive neuroscience relate to earlier attempts to explain brain functioning?What is the present status of cognitive psychology?

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