questions for part 2 becoming nicole –

Please read part 1 of Becoming Nicole (see attached file)

Then please help me answer the followings questions (at least 300 words per question)

  1. What interests or surprises you about the scientific information in Chapter 14? What scientific information does it offer that might explain why someone like Wyatt/Nicole could have female identity despite having male genitalia? What information does it have about different kinds of Intersex people? What is the difference between Wyatt/Nicole and an Intersex person? (Please do not use the scientific information about Intersex people to explain Nicole; she is not Intersex.) Chapter 14 tells the story of Cheryl Chase, who founded the Intersex Society of North America. What does the Intersex Society of North America advocate for? How are they at odds with the “behaviorists” who previously held sway in the medical profession? Could anything that you learned in this chapter be used to help resolve any controversies around transgender rights? Why or why not? Feel free to comment on anything in this chapter that interests you.
  2. A counterargument is an attempt to refute another person’s argument, i.e., to show what’s wrong with an argument one disagrees with. For instance, someone might say, “I support Trump’s travel ban because it’s necessary to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States.” A counterargument might say, “Actually, there have never been any terrorist attacks in the U.S. perpetrated by people from the countries Trump wants to ban travel from. But there have been several terrorist attacks organized and planned by people from countries that Trump excluded from his travel ban (possibly because he does business with these countries and thus doesn’t want to ban travel from them).” There’s an interesting counterargument in Chapter 15 about transgender athletes. Nutt explains both an argument against allowing transgender athletes to compete and a counterargument that explains the flaws in that argument. Explain both the argument and the counterargument. Feel free to add any counterarguments of your own to this discussion–but please be ready to provide evidence! Don’t make unsubstantiated claims.
  3. Discuss Dr. Norman Spack’s experience as a scientist and a doctor. Why does he become involved with LGBT youth? Why does he decide to treat transgender youth? Feel free to discuss anything that you find interesting or noteworthy about Dr. Spack and his work.
  4. What special challenges does Wyatt/Nicole face with middle school? How does her family deal with some of these challenges? In what way does this prove to be a breakthrough for Wayne? What happens when a mother calls the school and expresses concern about Nicole using the girls’ restroom? How do you think that this information might be relevant to controversies elsewhere involving transgender restroom use?