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Consider the following literary ideas of the American Romantic movement:

  • Influence of Nature: Nature as a force to be reckoned with; an influence reflected in the setting or plot; or an influence on characters in the work
  • Importance of the Individual: emphasis on the unique qualities of a particular character; the importance of an individual character in the work; the influence of an individual on other characters in the work; the importance of individuality
  • Reality and the Imagination: the notion that a space exists between what is real and what is imagined (where these stories take place); the importance of imagination to characters or to the plot; a shifting or unclear reality that forces characters (as well as readers) to use their imagination to determine what is real and what is not; a focus on what might be possible
  • Interest in the Supernatural: elements that might be traditionally viewed as supernatural (ghosts, witches, the metaphysical sciences, etc.), but also Nature described as something beyond the norm
  • Nature of Humanity: the question of whether humanity is innately good, innately sinful, or morally ambiguous

In 1-2 well-developed and detailed paragraphs (at least 200 words), use specific examples from the text to explain / discuss how one (or two) of the assigned works by Longfellow or Whitman might reflect the literary ideas of the American Romantic movement. Note: In your response, you should discuss the literary ideas listed above.