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Consider the following literary ideas of the American Romantic Movement:

  • Influence of Nature: Nature as a force to be reckoned with; an influence reflected in the setting or plot; or an influence on characters in the work
  • Importance of the Individual: emphasis on the unique qualities of a particular character; the importance of an individual character in the work; the influence of an individual on other characters in the work; the importance of individuality
  • Reality and the Imagination: the notion that a space exists between what is real and what is imagined (where these stories take place); the importance of imagination to characters or to the plot; a shifting or unclear reality that forces characters (as well as readers) to use their imagination to determine what is real and what is not; a focus on what might be possible
  • Interest in the Supernatural: elements that might be traditionally viewed as supernatural (ghosts, witches, the metaphysical sciences, etc.), but also Nature described as something beyond the norm
  • Nature of Humanity: the question of whether humanity is innately good, innately sinful, or morally ambiguous

In 1-2 well-developed and detailed paragraphs (at least 200 words), use specific examples from the text to explain / discuss how one (or two) of the assigned works by Hawthorne or Poe might reflect the literary ideas of the American Romantic Movement. If you choose to write about two different stories, then there should be some idea or theme or author connecting them. Please note that you do not need to discuss all of the Romantic ideas in your post.