quot what to the salve is the fourth of july quot fredrick douglass – exclusivewritings.com

Earlier in the semester, we looked at the ways that writers use rhetorical appeals to reach and to move an audience. These rhetorical appeals include:

  • ethos (an appeal to character and shared values)
  • pathos (an appeal to emotion)
  • logos (an appeal to logic and reason).

Consider the ways that rhetorical appeals might have been used by Douglass in his speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” by Grimke in her piece “Appeal to the Christian Women in the South,” or by Harper in her poems: choose one writer’s work/s to discuss in your response. (If you are writing about Harper’s poems, you do not need to address all four of her pieces.)

For your discussion forum response, please write a detailed paragraph or two (at least 200 words) explaining the ways in which one of these writers employed ethos, pathos, and logos in his / her work. NOTE: In your response, please be sure to focus on details from the text/s you are writing about.