reaction paper 117 –

Hi Everyone!

Well the Night-line Video I show for this topic isn’t available to watch unless you actually buy the DVD so I had to find other material for you to watch. This reaction paper will still be worth 50 points. Please watch the following You Tube clips. The first is about Timothy McVeigh and what happened that day, for I find that most do not know anything about this or who Timothy McVeigh was. The second clip shows how the media took a spin on who they thought was responsible for doing such a horrific act and then a look a first responders and how some safety measures changed because of this act of terror. The third chip looks at four children who survived the bombing. I attached some questions for you to answer in regards to these clips but again this is your reaction and I want you to stay focused on the victims and their aftermath. Copy and paste to watch…..Due on April 13th…..Also attached is the power point for terrorism and the questions to look at answering for the paper. “Mug Shots: Timothy McVeigh” Eye Witness accounts and first responders Children who survived Oklahoma Bombing