read a case and answer questions about the case in a 3 4 page paper very easy –

I have provided screenshots of the case to use. The company’s name the case is about is GE. Please have the written response in about 3-4 pages, size 12 font and double spaced.

Here are the questions that must be answered in the paper:

1. Does the organization have a competitive advantage? Why or why not.

2. If so, what is the organization’s competitive advantage and how can it sustain it? Is it durable?

3. If it does not have one, how can it build a competitive advantage in its industry?

4. Does the organization effectively attract, develop, and retain human capital? Does the organization value diversity? Does the organization have underutilized human capital?

5. Does the organization have positive personal and professional relationships among employees and alliance partners? Is the organization missing opportunities to forge strategic alliances?

6. Does the organization effectively use technology to transfer best practices across the organization, codify knowledge, and develop dynamic capabilities for competitive advantage?

7. Does the organization have intellectual assets it can legally protect?

8. Has the organization developed knowledge-management systems to capture what it learns?