reading assignment what is a testimonio –

With each passing day, there are changes affecting each of us and a world at large. We are not alone in our feelings of boredom, isolation, anxiety or frustration – to say the least. Perhaps there is even a new found freedom amidst this time, for some, and that can be new as well – an opportunity for growth, learning and healing. We all are adapting to a new reality, a new normal.

When all else seems lost or broken beyond repair, a constant is your own voice and your own power of sense-making. How you make sense of the world around you and your place within it, is valuable whether you agree or not. Asking someone to tell us how they are persevering through a particular place and time is an opportunity to see how one is using their emotional intelligence in order to describe their resilient strategies. That is the basis of a Testimoñio.

Since 2016, I have asked students to write their master-narrative, their Testimoñio, describing how they see themselves in the world around them. An immensely difficult question to answer, I have collected their answers and you will get to read what they said.

To Read

First, go to the blog “Beyond Mere Survival” and read the “About” section (Links to an external site.). There is a large header so scroll down. Next, go to the main page and scroll through the picture tiles. Pick 2 different Testimoñios to read by clicking on the picture and title (Links to an external site.). There are many, so make sure to scroll down to preview them all.

To Answer

In your own words, what is a Testimoñio? What 2 Testimoñios did you read and what were they about? How did the authors of the Testimoñios demonstrate their resilience and capacities for self-reflection and sense-making?


Show me through your answer how you are using the blog and your own smarts to think through and answer these questions in any way that makes sense to you.