research paper for phil 186 sec 85 prof and bus ethics 1 –

Topic choices:

1. Diversity in U.S. companies workforce (or not)

Make sure to consider disability, weight, race, gender/trans LGBTQ, in “diversity”

2. Private Prisons, as a business. Moral or not? Should incarceration and rehabilitation be a profit-making business?

3. Politics in the Workplace: Should people be able to hang political messages/posters, in their workplace?

4. Hairstyles: Should businesses discriminate against an employee for a particular hairstyle? Is this discrimination or good business practices; appropriate job attire/grooming?

MLA format preferred (APA ok but no cover sheet); make sure you cite properly

5-7 pages of writing

1 page Works Cited list properly formatted MLA or APA

Minimum 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles (Make sure you know what these are)

1. You will make a moral argument relating to either of the topic choices after you have conducted sound, scholarly research.

2. Follow the argument formula

3. You will use your scholarly research in your Premises to help you make your argument. That means you don’t have to do it alone! So, use your research well.

4. NO large indented quotes. NO quotes over 2 lines.

Assessment: See Giddings’ Grading rubric for papers in this week’s MODULE

The paper is evaluated on:

1. Following directions

2. Making a valid argument

3. The quality of your research