research paper rough draft 2 –

This paper will be on a drug with the potential for abuse or misuse. There are numerous drugs that are utilized within our society today, some found predominately within the legitimate framework of medical practice and others designed solely for recreational and experimental purposes. No matter the use or the source, there is a tremendous amount of information available. Your assignment is to pick a drug with some abuse potential that is NOT well covered in the text. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and heroin are not approved topics. There are numerous drugs both legal and illegal that can be investigated.

The paper must include the following:

  1. History and epidemiology of the drug
  2. The pharmacology, how does it work in the system
  3. How is it grown, manufactured, transported and marketed
  4. The dosage, expected effects, side effects and potential for overdose
  5. The specific treatments that might be used in rehabilitation