revised major research study presentation a qualitative study –

I want you to write a research. a qualitative study about ” Parents perception of their child’s use technology in the classroom”

the research questions are:

1) What are the parent’s views of using their children technology in the classroom?

2) Do parents believe that using technology in the classroom has positive aspects more than negative aspects on their children?
3) How technology help students think and learn more deeply?

My plan is interview four parents face to face who have children in first and second grades. but I only find three parents.

â—¦Because the events of the COVID-19 virus, I changed my plan to:

I interviewed my participants over Zoom and on phone (face time). My phone and my computer has the applications that I used it to record the interview. Then, I transcribed it. I interviewed two US parents and two not US parents in Dayton, OH.

the interview questions and the transcription: for the a qualitative study

I have four interviews you can chose three that you like or you can add all the four.

please follow all of these instructions:


1. Research Purpose and Questions -Describe and frame research questions, provide background and context of the frame, explain rational and significance of the study.

Conceptual Framework

2. Conceptual Framework – “Contextualize the study by framing the key contexts, framing concepts and influences, study goals, framing theories, and research identity and positionally.

Methodology and Research Design

3. Site and Participant Selection -Contextualizing and specific description of the setting and study participants.

4. Data Collection Methods – Discuss the details of the methodological including rational for choice of each method, specific strategies and procedures for each method. Identify and describe appropriate data collections methods (observation, interview, etc.). (You need to provide me a copy of how coded your data.

5. Data Analysis Procedures – Describe specific description of the processes use to analyze the data.

6. Issues of Validity – Discusses threats to validity, transparency, and reliability and how you addressed each issue.


7. Findings – Discuss the major findings of the study.

Discussion and Implication

8. Discussion – Discuss the significance of what you discovered broadly.

9. Implication – Discuss implications that emerge from the data in terms of theory, future research, and various audience.

this is the book about for the qualitative study

please make sure it it . a qualitative study.

put all the information on the PPT and please write a short summary for these information that I can presented.

the numbers of the slides depends on the information.