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Continue your analysis of Jacoby and Brownmiller’s debate regarding the harmfulness of pornographic material to women and whether its wide-spread distribution contributes to sexually aggressive behavior. We’re now seeing a reaction to sexual aggression in the #MeToo movement regardless of gender.

Understand that in this essay, YOUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT, and should be left out of this process. It is the opinion of your research that counts, so approach your topic with an open mind and let your research be the judge.

THESIS: According to your research, is Brownmiller credible in claiming that pornography contributes to sexual aggression, and thus represents an obscene public health crisis that is in need of restriction or even a ban, or is Jacoby credible in claiming that pornographic material is Free-Speech, and thus is protected by the 1st Amendment as an art form regardless of how tasteless one might consider it? What is the most important reason your sources use to justify their position?

Attached is the reading

Must be 5 full pages (plus reference page) times new roman 12 point font double spaced

Must include provided source and three more (no websites or encyclopedias) or wikipedia