sbs 220 business writing semester reflection –

This Final Reflection email is an important part of your term grade.

Follow all the guidelines and components for business communications that you have learned throughout this semester.


While this assignment is titled a “reflection”, it should not be written in academic essay format; instead, it is a summary of the term, and you should write it as “response to a request” in email format. I will look for your conscientious effort with organizing (outline), planning, self-editing, attention to presentation detail (including – but not limited to – grammar and punctuation), and above all, your ideas. These are all the same as you have been doing the entire semester.

The email should be written from you to me. As usual, please upload it to Blackboard as a WORD document. Do not actually email it to me.

Your FULL packet (see last page for list of deliverables) must be uploaded to Blackboard by 5:00 PM on Monday April 27th. Late submissions will not be accepted. Incomplete packets will automatically earn a grade of 0 (see list of deliverables).

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Personal challenges of the writing curriculum
  • How you met those challenges/or were defeated by those challenges, and why
  • Most important writing strategies you learned this term, and why
  • What you plan to do with the knowledge you’ve gained (if any)
  • If this class has helped you or not, and why
  • At least one specific recommendation on how the class can be improved next term based on the info above
  • Other thoughts about the semester

For each of the above, you should give specific evidence/examples. Don’t make general and vague statements for which you offer no support.

Please organize the presentation of this information using professional business writing style.

Follow the 3 Step Process Below:

Part 1: Plan

  • Determine whether you will take a direct or indirect approach to your message.
  • Brainstorm your business writing experience through this semester, and note what areas you should concentrate on.
  • Create your outline for a complete and detail-oriented message.
  • Incorporate appropriately all the components of a routine response to a request.

Part 2: Write

  • Write the email. MAX word count = 400.
  • Don’t forget to put your request in the format of an email (include subject line, to/from, email signature and contact info, introduction, body with all support info, concluding statement with a statement of goodwill and call to action, etc.).
  • Ensure you are incorporating the format, structure, and components of a routine business message.
  • Create your email so that it has high skim value and easy navigational design.

Part 3: Revise

  • Proofread your first draft for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Edit again for clarity and conciseness.
  • Do you need yet another draft?
  • Ensure you are clearly communicating the information required.
  • Submit your final draft of the email to Blackboard/SafeAssign


Any assignment not uploaded to BB and SafeAssign will be marked zero (0).


Your assignment will be graded on:

  • Planning 3) Grammar and business style/conciseness
  • Organization 4) Content: thoughtful ideas & reflection