social problem paper 1 3 pages topic black on black crime –

Topic (Black on Black Crime )

Format for Social Problem Paper

  1. Citation- Use APA style to cite the source of the article(s) you selected.
  2. Summary- Use your own words to summarize the major points made by the author(s). The practice of copying the words of another (plagiarism) should be avoided because it will be heavily penalized.
  3. Definition- Define the Social Problem. Include your reasons for thinking that it is significant enough to be the subject of attention and media discussion. Is the problem severe or widespread in your eyes and/or in the eyes of others?
  4. Assessment- What is your objective view of this problem, of how it developed and has been maintained over time? 1. Provide history or background of this particular problem.2. Who is affected by it and in what ways are they affected? Why/ 3. What ethical or values issues arise? 4. Are values addressed, emphasized, overlooked or violated?

5. Recommendations- What do you think can be done to prevent, or eliminate the problem.

6. Article- Attach your article to your paper.