sociological research topic –

You will need to find an academic, sociological, peer-reviewed journal, research article on “Academic Premier” or another library academic search engine and down load the article and read it. Some journal titles can be found here at this link (Links to an external site.). It can be over any Sociological research topic in an academic sociological journal that you might find interesting. It also must not be more than 10 years old. I will only accept articles published from 2010 to Present. If someone finds an older article that they really want to read, please contact me to receive permission. Here are some examples of potential topics: Divorce and social stigma among young women, elder abuse, gender identity, education leaving the poor behind, sports that reflect wealth, climate change and human denial, women underrepresented in computer science, social media and society, sexism in workplace, unequal education, sociology of sports topics, and so much more.