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Students will select a social welfare policy to research and analyze. A list of possible policies is included in this syllabus. These policies are suggestions only; you are not restricted to this list. Students are encouraged to work as a team(of 2) for this assignment and must make their choice of policy. Students are expected to research their chosen policy and write a succinct 8- 10 page paper (excluding title page and reference page) . The paper is to be typed and in APA publication format. Grading of the paper will be based on the quality of the work addressing:

1. Description of the social problem the policy is to address (about 1-2 paragraphs) 10%

2. Historical context of the policy or program 40%

(why this policy at this time? What was the economic, political and social environment of this policy?

What was its legislative journey through Congress, including date of passage, sponsors and votes and date signed into law.

(approximately 2 pages)

3. Provisions of the policy/bill 10%

(what does this policy create, change, how and for whom?)

These can be listed in ‘bullet’ form with a brief narrative explanation when needed.

4. Identification of the underlying relevant values of 15%

this policy (what does one have to believe in order to

support this policy?) (one to two paragraphs)

5. Outcomes of the policy – has it been successful? Why

or why not? What difference has it made? Did it address the

problem? ( one- two pages with good data!) 15%

6. Literature review** and writing style (including use of APA) 10%

**A minimum of four, peer reviewed journal articles are required for this paper – any exceptions to this must be approved by the instructor. It is expected you will have additional sources some of which can be from ‘gray’ literature. Wikipedia and most .com sites are unacceptable