tableau visualization –

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the value of visual design in communicating the meaning and context for the information being communicated.

Students will show what they have learned regarding how visualization makes the difference. This assignment may be the most challenging since the student must create a “bad” and a “good” visualization using the same data set – being complete and accurate as far as the data itself is concerned.

The student will pick the topic and use a data set from the Department of Labor, PEW Research, or the CDC and develop two separate presentations / visualizations of data. A “bad” version that does not take into account the principles discussed in the text and a “good” version that uses all or as many of the principles as possible. Students will be graded on their ability to make these version as distinct as possible. Both version must be true to the intrinsic value of the data set. Both presentations will be accurate, complete, etc. An untrained user should be able to pick the “good” one over the “bad” one